Did you love our Revival Kit but prefer instant digital downloads? Then here it is!


Here at Doodling Faith we create our products out of a desire and love to know God more, and He asks us to share it with you. Studying God's Word and life are meant to be done in community, so here goes! Want to join us for 6 weeks of knowing the reality of Heaven? To know what it is to HUMBLE, PRAY and SEEK, and to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength"?


This kit includes an extensive 6 week devotional written by the super gifted communicator of God's heart Emanuela Robinson. A dear friend who speaks the Father's heart into us, and those around her, with such compassion that we just had to share the journey that she's been on to know the reality of Heaven with you. WOW! That sounds like a mega statement, but honestly when you spend so much time with the Father like she does, you love what He loves and speaks like He speaks. She's one of the authors of "The Chest of Jewels - Women's Daily Devotionals" and even translated some of the other authors writings from Romanian into English. You can even check out her thoughts and prayers for each week over on our blog.


The kit includes:

  • 6 weekly devotionals written by Emanuela Robinson (we suggest printing each double sided A5)

Revival Devotional | Doodling Faith

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