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Ok you were thinking it and so were we, the Bible is really hard to read and understand. But no matter how long you've been a Christian you'll know that it's pretty important. Before we started Bible journaling we really struggled to engage with God's Word as a living and active part of our lives. We led active roles within our home Church and still struggled to read God's Word consistently. This is where God kindly presented us with a way to know His power in our lives through documenting and engaging with what He is saying to us through His Word.

We felt like we weren't the only ones, and here is where Doodling Faith was born. Out of a desire to help others to know the fullness of His promises, and to call them out into their purpose as God sees them. But we know this has very little to do with us, and absolutely everything to do with picking up His book and

Living  according  to  His  Word PSALM 119:9b

So why not join us and this community in learning how to love like Christ does, and living according to His purpose? We release Bible studies over on our YouTube channel to help you deepen your understanding of His Word. We also produce Bible journaling supplies such as stickers, notebooks, scripture cards, prints and Bible journaling kits to enable everyone to grasp hold of the life Christ died to set us free into. We want to create stationery that echos Jesus!

This isn't just about art. It's not about pretty Instagram posts. It's not about hiding behind a screen or yourself and acting like we've got it all together. Doodling Faith is about humbly coming before God and saying

He  must  increase,  and  I  must  decrease JOHN 3:30

It is only then that our joy will be complete and we can live the abundant life that He has promised us in scripture.

So if you don't have it all together. If you're facing stuff that needs community because we weren't called to live in isolation. If you want to learn more about His Word and enjoy reading it rather than it being something you have to tick off your spiritual to-do list. GREAT! So do we! Look around, check out our prayer requests section, have a look at some of our studies and become a member for free printables and to connect with other Christians.

Where  two  or  three  are  gathered  God  commands  a  blessing MATTHEW 18:20

Much love,

@unfiltered_faith and @doodlingbible

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