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Yahweh - THE I AM

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Good morning sisters and friends!

I’m blessed to be able to share here on the blogging spot of Doodling Faith. God has truly blessed this unique duo of love and generosity, with gifts of creativity and teaching as well! There is such a variety of resources that Vicky and Luma have provided for us in the bible journaling community to enjoy. One such resource is their YouTube channel.

They have a series called, "The Names of God," wherein is posted a video about a very personal and proper name of God, "Yahweh - the I AM."

Right now, they have a stamp set that has this name, “Yahweh,” in a gorgeous script font. I love it! It’s beautiful, versatile and just a great reminder of Him who is over all things.

It’s amazing how many times “Yahweh” shows up in scripture! Anytime "LORD" in all capital letters appears in the Bible, it is the equivalent to Yahweh. In Exodus we read that Moses is approached by the LORD - the great "I AM" - via a burning bush, and is instructed to tell his people, the Israelites, that “I AM” is the Hearer of their cries, the Answer to their prayers and the Deliverer of their very lives.

They would, through His provided freedom, experience a life unlike any others among the nations of the world. They would be set apart, specified, HOLY before God as a people for Himself! Yahweh, the I AM, would be the One through whom ALL would see miracles, signs, wonders and blessing.

Something very crucial to note about the names of God, is their special duty to help us understand and partake of a particular attribute of His nature, being and character.

I was listening to a sermon just the other day by John Piper, in which he gives a 5-minute summary of what "Yahweh - I AM" means.

To know the meaning of "Yahweh," is to know the bounty of His favor and grace, the extension of His being and authority, and the inexpressible glory of His nature!

I love the way he sums it up in 10 different points. I will write them here so that we can all read and better see that God is even more than we can think or imagine, and that makes Him worthy of all of our praise! Amen?

  1. He never had a beginning. God has always existed. He was never created. He just...IS.

  2. He will never end. By not having a creator Himself, Yahweh will also always live. He will always be.

  3. God is absolute reality. This means that there is no reality outside of Him; no reality apart from Him; no reality before, or after Him.

  4. God is utterly independent. He does not depend on anything or anyone to exist or have His being.He is self-existent and self-sufficient.

  5. Everything - that is not God - depends totally on God. The entire universe is held in the hands of the LORD who speaks and it is so, whether for creation, or destruction.

  6. All the universe, in comparison to God, is nothing. Things within our universe, as much as they take our breath away, cannot even come CLOSE to the essence of the glory of Yahweh. He is far more, far greater, than what we have seen, or have yet to discover!

  7. God is constant. He is the same today, yesterday and forever. This immutability is a characteristic that helps us see His faithfulness in all of history and humanity!

  8. God is the ABSOLUTE standard of truth, goodness and beauty. There is no other rule, standard or guide to determining what is right, good and beautiful.

  9. He does whatever He pleases. And what He pleases is ALWAYS right, ALWAYS beautiful, and ALWAYS in accordance with His truth.

  10. God is THE MOST IMPORTANT and MOST VALUABLE reality and person in the universe. To know Him and to be known by Him, is to enjoy worship of the most amazing, inspiring, and interesting Being that ever did exist!

I hope this list is a good start for some worship of the One True God. I hope that this will in fact lead you to set up a memorial in your Bible of this Amazing Creator God. I pray that this will ignite you to PRAISE Yahweh - the I AM - singing a new song to Him who is worthy of all praise!

Much love,


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